Hanaa in the modern age is in a state of tense political balance. The strongest force in the country is the human Minghondian race, who took control of the largest city and renamed it Minghonda.

Originally from the mountains, they drove out the previous rulers of the land – the human Hanaian race - and forced them into a begrudging peace at the end of the War of Redoubt. The new social divide has forced most of the Hanaians to seek refuge to the south, in Hanaastead, leaving behind their former glory and geological dominance.

To the east, a slowly progressing ecological disaster called The Barren Advance is turning previously lush nature and farmland into a desert dust bowl. Many settlements and even some villages have been left as ghost towns, as their inhabitants have fled to the west, causing a minor refugee crisis in the capitol and other large cities.

Large Cities

Apart from the capitol Minghonda, there are three other major city-states in Hanaa, each seating their own government. The other city-states had remained neutral in the War of Redoubt and are currently adjusting to the new political balance.


An island city in the Alassan Archipelago. Mainly inhabited by elves. Some whisper that their population is distantly descendant from the ancient race of Esmerian elves, but this rumor is mostly ignored and sometimes denied by the Alassan government. There is a lot of trade between Alassa and the mainland, but it is generally not very welcoming to foreigners, causing knowledge of the city-state to be found wanting.


Smack in the center of Hanaa, Lareya is a true melting pot of races. Originally founded by halflings, it is now home to many different races. Their government is democratically and proportionally chosen, as shown by their government containing halflings, gnomes, tieflings and other races. It is also one of the countries largest trade hubs, serving as a relay for riches traded from Himmerion.


A city of dwarves, in a barren land but situated closely between The Eye of the World and Mare Himmis. They live primarily off trading the gold and other valuable metals and materials that they mine from deep caverns inside the mountain range. There are rumors that the dwarves employ slave labor for the mining, but this is denied by the Himmerion government.


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