The Hanaians are a race of humans that originally hail from the south of Hanaa. They are said to be one of the older inhabitants of the country, which rings true because the country appears to be named after them. They worship Eldath, Goddess of Peace. Their aim has historically been to expand their population and avoid violence where possible.

Mynghondian Conflict

The Hanains had settled in the north-western part of the country and ruled from the city of Hanaadin. They eventually came to war with their previous trade partners, the Minghondians, leading to the War of Redoubt and their subsequent mass evacuation back towards their ancestral lands in the south.

Many Hanains were against the war, as it was viewed as a grave straying from the path of peace. The order of priests even went as far as as saying their defeat and subsequent persecution were divine punishment handed down by Eldath, and they erected a new temple near Hanaastead to try and atone for their sins. Their old temples near Minghonda have since been razed to the ground or re-approriated to worship Savras.


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