Himmerion is a city-state in the south-east of Hanaa, erected by the Himmin race of dwarves. It is situated in a barren land not far from The Eye of the World, in which they delve for treasure. Their mining operation is vast and has brought them great fortune, allowing them to easily live off the trade – primarily with Lareya.

Mining Operation

The Himmin have delved deep into the mountain range, creating a vast tunnel system in which many mineworkers have lost their way, never to be found again. Although the price of their work is high, the reward vastly outweighs it. The dwarves have succeeded in delving countless precious materials, like gold, platinum and mithril.

The main entrance to the tunnel system is inside the work camp Just Reward and it is heavily guarded by the Himmin military.


There have been rumors surrounding Just Reward, whispers saying the working conditions in the camp are very bad and workers routinely go missing, their families never hearing from them again. The Himmin leadership often remain silent on the issue and brush off any theories that become too wild.


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