Lareya is a city-state right in the middle of Hanaa. Originally raised by a population of halflings called the Coranians, its ideal economic situation rapidly made it evolve into a multicultural trade hub. In modern times the population of Lareya consists of largely halflings and gnomes, with minorities of thieflings, dragonborns and other races.


Although the Coranians originally maintained governance of the city, the vast multicultural diversity and influence of powerful and wealthy foreign traders eventually called for a more balanced representation in governance. Not willing to risk violent revolt, the Coranians gave up their unilateral power in favor of a democratic system in which each race was proportionally represented.

The inclusiveness of this approach eventually shifted identities of the many races in and around the city-state towards identifying themselves as Lareyan, regardless of race.


The Lareyans trade with the entirety of Hanaa, buying and trading valuable metals and trinkets from Himmerion in the east and craft goods from Alassa in the west. Trade with Minghonda has in recent times started up again after a two-year lull due to the War of Redoubt.


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