Maevannes Magisters


There is a unified guild of spell casters in Hanaa. They have delegations in every major city and are generally tolerated by the local authorities, although the well-known dangers of magic make many fearful of their presence.

Schools of Magic

The Magisters strive to be inclusive of every school of magic, but are quick to publicly disavow ties to the more sinister forms, which they claim to study only for academic purposes. The guild opens its doors to every form of arcane spell caster.


The guild's main office is a large tower called the Tower of Magisters in the Branchwoods. Because of the collective magical power of its members, the guild has some extent of political influence. Although they have no army to speak of, their branch offices in major cities are more like embassies. For all intents and purposes, their guild behaves like a city-state and their motives are their own.

Minghonda Branch

One of the major branch offices of the guild resides in Minghonda and is led by Jorvah Regalia.

Maevannes Magisters

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