The Minghondians are a race of humans that originally hail from the mountain range in the center of Hanaa. They worship Savras, god of Divination and Fate. In the old days, they maintained a tense diplomatic peace with the ruling Hanaian race for the benefit of the iron trade – their primary resource.

The War of Redoubt

As the Hanaians expanded their realm, their settlements started encroaching on the foothills of the mountain range – then called Minghterran. The Hanaian built new settlements peacefully, but backed by a military armed by the Minghondian iron trade.

As the Minghondians started to feel progressively more threatened with each passing year, diplomacy eventually failed. They abruptly halted their iron trade with the Hanaians and started forging their own weapons. The sudden lack of iron created a hostile political situation, with both sides isolating themselves and cutting lines of communication.

On the 24th of Kythorne, 1522, a rain of arrows landed in the Hanaian village called Anghor's Well, killing many of its inhabitants. The Minghondian leadership denied responsibility and blamed a rebel faction in the southern part of Minghterran, but the – otherwise peaceful – Hanaian leadership did not take long in declaring a war for survival against the Minghondian race.

What followed was a two-year war that was eventually named the War of Redoubt, after the sturdy barricades that still litter the mountain range to this day. The barricades proved unexpectedly hard to breach for the Hanaian military, causing heavy losses on every assault.

The overestimation of the Hanaian military's effectiveness in the rigid mountain range severely weakened them over time, allowing for the Minghondians to launch a full counter-assault on the 12th of Tarsakh, 1524, routing the army and leaving open the road to Hanaadin.

The Minghondians rapidly invaded the capitol and rebranded it Minghonda to commemorate their victory. The mountain range of Minghterran were renamed the Ridges of Redoubt to remember the fallen. Many Hanaians eventually fled from the new rule of law to the deep south of the country, in a new settlement they called Hanaastead.


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